How to Become a Writer: Our Complete Guide

How to Become a Successful Writer (or Author)

What’s the Difference Between a Writer and an Author?

Brush up on Your Writing Skills

Types of Professional Writer Careers

Technical Writing

Business Writing

Grant Writing

Creative Writing and Fiction Writing

Other Types of Writing Careers

How to Get Into Freelance Writing

Take a Writing Course

Build Your Portfolio

  • Personal blog posts
  • Editorials for college newspapers
  • Academic writing samples
  • Fake samples of your niche
  • Free samples for a friend or family member

Start Pitching

Choosing a Niche

How to Become an Author

Build an Audience

  • Books you love
  • Your writing process
  • Behind-the-scenes
  • Writing struggles
  • Writing memes and book memes
  • Themes you discuss in your books
  • About the author facts
  • Quotes from your work-in-progress

Write a Book

Traditional Publishing vs. Self Publishing

How to Get into Writing: Conclusions



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