How to Write a Romance Novel: The Complete Guide

How Do You Start Writing a Romance Novel?

What Are the Subgenres of Romance?

Contemporary Romance

Historical Romance

Paranormal Romance

Fantasy Romance

Religious Romance

Young Adult Romance

Queer Romance

Erotic Romance

Blending and Bending Genres

How Do I Choose My Romantic Leads?

Do I Need World-Building in Romance Writing?

How Do I Structure a Romance Novel?

Meet Cute

  • She’s a barista who wants to be an actress. He’s a playboy Hollywood exec who stops by her coffee shop.
  • He’s an earl with a dark secret. She’s a lady who has secrets of her own. They meet at a ball.
  • She’s a teacher in a small town. She falls in love with the new, mysterious woman in town after spilling coffee all over the both of them at the Fall Festival.

Build the Romantic Tension

Couple Gets Together but Is Torn Apart

  • The couple spends a night together, but then one is offered their dream job the next morning, and it’s two thousand miles away.
  • Something nefarious occurs after a kiss, and one of the love interests is kidnapped or is forced to run away.
  • Their love is forbidden, and they are discovered and pulled apart by family.
  • One wakes up with guilt because of the nature of their relationship (not accepted by society, is the enemy, is the widow of their childhood best friend, etc.)

Happily Ever After or Happily for Now

What if You Want a Sad Ending?

What Are the Most Common Romance Tropes?

  • Enemies to lovers
  • Friends to enemies to lovers
  • Friends to lovers
  • Marriage of convenience
  • Fake relationship
  • Arrogant playboy finds his heart
  • Forced proximity (roommates, coworkers, hostages, etc.)
  • There’s only one bed!
  • Secret billionaire/secret royal
  • Soul mates
  • Love triangles
  • Forbidden love
  • Girl next door
  • Brother/sister’s best friend
  • Second chance romance

How Do I Pick the Right POV for My Romance Novel?

Fall in Love with Your Characters



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